The Berth of a Basterd

One day you’ll wake up and realize The American Dream no longer exists. Any semblance of that faded away a long time ago.

The American Dream is a tool for politicians to extract votes from the populace, and a false paradigm for marketers to promote their brand of consumerism.

The America I grew up loving and adoring had become a whore. Corporations are considered people now, and they ravage the chastity of my whore of a country, paying her for the tricks she will turn every election year.

And She is addicted to smack.
The spike injects its special brand of poison – a concoction of crushed-up pills from the highest bidder cooked in a solution of false promises and political correctness – and she can no longer function without.

The Man has commandeered her soul.
She is no longer my mother.
Now I am a Basterd with one sole purpose:

To exact revenge on The Man who ruined her.