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United We Stand, Divided We Nosedive

Having only a right-wing and left-wing view of leadership is sending our country into a tail-spin, causing this metaphorical airplane of a country to fall from the sky.

We bounce from one side to the other, creating an imbalance that keeps the nation from stabilizing itself.

Furthermore, divisive issues like Same-Sex marriage and abortion are taking precedent over far more important issues like fiscal responsibility and foreign policy.

Bi-partisanship is so ingrained along party lines that what one side does is condemned by the other even though they are both guilty of the same actions.

For example, drones now roam the skies of foreign countries killing civilians, actions condemned by Democrats while under Bush yet supported by Democrats under Obama, and vice-versa.

Shame on you, America.

Many Americans identify politics as being either Right-wing or Left-wing. Few recognize that it doesn’t matter what “wing” of polity one might subscribe to because we are all acting as pilots, flying our country to its destination. Which, for the foreseeable future, is a nose-dive — straight into the ground.

The real pilots are few and far between. They are men and women that can see through the divisiveness of a two-party system, are going to #hijackamerica and put this country on a course-correction to greatness once again.


The Berth of a Basterd

One day you’ll wake up and realize The American Dream no longer exists. Any semblance of that faded away a long time ago.

The American Dream is a tool for politicians to extract votes from the populace, and a false paradigm for marketers to promote their brand of consumerism.

The America I grew up loving and adoring had become a whore. Corporations are considered people now, and they ravage the chastity of my whore of a country, paying her for the tricks she will turn every election year.

And She is addicted to smack.
The spike injects its special brand of poison – a concoction of crushed-up pills from the highest bidder cooked in a solution of false promises and political correctness – and she can no longer function without.

The Man has commandeered her soul.
She is no longer my mother.
Now I am a Basterd with one sole purpose:

To exact revenge on The Man who ruined her.