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My last post was on July 4th, coincidentally the same day I deleted my personal Facebook account.

Take in mind, it wasn’t a *soft* deletion aka simply deactivating the account.  It was a *HARD* deletion: Unfriend everyone, untag every photo, and deactivate.

After going *ghost*, I noticed an improvement in most aspects of my life:  I became happier, fitter, and more productive.

Rejecting the Facebook cult allowed me to focus my time and energy on myself, instead of other people’s bullshit.

No longer did I feel compelled to argue with people misguided on the 2nd Amendment, or how the 1st Amendment protects your right to say anything no matter how offensive.

I stopped judging people for their abhorrent social media diarrhea,  which was made evident in their posts to effectively boost their self-esteem with “Likes” and “Comments”.

I became more focused and decided to live my life on my own terms.  My business tripled in production: I wrote 3x more insurance premiums in the last 4 months than I did the previous 7.

Is my increase in productivity a directly correlated result in becoming Facebook Free?  I cannot exactly say *yes* or *no*.  What I can say is that I am definitely feeling more connected with the world, which is ironic because that’s what Facebook was supposed to be all about.

I feel closer to my friends and family.  I pay attention to the things that really matter to me. I decided to do more with life to improve the quality of living in the world around me.

Here I offer an analogy:

When the world around you is burning,
would you stand there and watch,
put out the flames,
or add fuel to the fire?

Are you going to let yourself get caught-up in a sense of fake activism by “Liking” and “Sharing” every page in support of a cause?

Would you be willing to let the world turn into a huge pile of burning shit because you were too busy scrolling down and seeing who was doing what?

How long before you decide to facilitate the change in the world you want to see, not on the Internet, but on the streets?

I challenge anyone who wants to make an improvement in their life to go #FacebookFree.

See where it takes you.


What We Need

What we need is a message.

We will write it ourselves.

We will send it to ourselves as a draft that will push the wings of the next generation. A generation that will soar higher and fly freer than any before them.

The world does not have to wallow in its own desolation. The technology is already here. It only needs to be utilized.

Perhaps there are those who conspire to keep away the ability to seize the opportunity to make the world completely whole.

A true Unity, not through globalization or a single currency, but through a common understanding:

We do not own the world.
It is borrowed, on loan to us from future generations.

What we need is a message.
We will write it ourselves. We will send it to ourselves as a draft, and leave it to the next generation of authors to proofread it, edit it, revise it, and leave to be read by the ones after them.

And they too will also need a message.

The Blame

Accountability has been lost in America. It seems that one side is pointing fingers at the other – and it is the opposing party that has ruined everything.

Truth is, there is only one party to blame for the undeniably painful future of America:

The American People.

We voted these incipient creatures into office. They proceeded to legislate and violate the rights of The People.

We were told we needed to fight terrorists. The real fear-mongers postulate on C*SPAN, wearing their ill-fitted suits and pushing their ill-fitting laws.

We were told that an amorphous enemy from far away lands is the reason why our phones are tapped, our online activity is monitored, and bottled water is no longer allowed through airport security.

We The People are the ones to blame.

Not the politicians or the terrorists, but US. We allowed our public servants to increase their authority over us, under the guise of keeping us safe and secure.

We sat back idly, keeping our faith in a system that has no faith in our ability to take care of ourselves.

We watch as our currency is continually debased, forcing a vast portion of the populace to seek entitlements and hand-outs, devaluing those who work for their own sustenance.

We clutch onto the false hope that we can spend our way out of our problems, thinking one day we will hit some sort of lottery, and – magically – all will be right again.

We The People became weak.
We The People became misinformed.
We The People became too trusting.

Now, We The People have the duty to blame our own ignorance, and now We must reconcile our past mistakes.

Make certain that we will come to stand in defiance of annihilation and reinforce the foundation that our once Great Nation was built upon one premise:

The government is not an authority.
It is a public servant.
And it serves us what we demand.

The Berth of a Basterd

One day you’ll wake up and realize The American Dream no longer exists. Any semblance of that faded away a long time ago.

The American Dream is a tool for politicians to extract votes from the populace, and a false paradigm for marketers to promote their brand of consumerism.

The America I grew up loving and adoring had become a whore. Corporations are considered people now, and they ravage the chastity of my whore of a country, paying her for the tricks she will turn every election year.

And She is addicted to smack.
The spike injects its special brand of poison – a concoction of crushed-up pills from the highest bidder cooked in a solution of false promises and political correctness – and she can no longer function without.

The Man has commandeered her soul.
She is no longer my mother.
Now I am a Basterd with one sole purpose:

To exact revenge on The Man who ruined her.