Happy Birthday, America

Eleven and one-half score and seven years ago, our Forebearers faced charges of treason to support an idea. A new Nation, born out of the frustration from the oppressions of a tyrannical government.

The world would never be the same again…

…Or at least we thought.

It seems as if history has repeated itself. Once again the people in America are dealing with a new form of dictatorship, cloaked in the disguises of acronyms and bureaucracy. They tell us what to think, what is safe to eat, how to cure ourselves from ailments, what to teach our children…

Go against the mandate and you become guilty until proven innocent.

This is not America.

America is an Idea, not a bunch of rich folk in Washington D.C. who have the best of everything while the rest of the nation wallows in squalor. This Idea guaranteed rights for all citizens. In return, it would be asked of them to remain diligent against forces that would aim to take those rights from the generations to come.

But we are losing…

We barely have any rights these days it seems. As America celebrates its 237th anniversary of declaring itself a free nation, I find myself wondering, when will The People step up and be truly free again?


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